Charcoal chicken

Hippo Chicken

Our food offer harks back to a time when the public house first was born. What we recognise today as the good old English pub all started at the begging of the medieval period in the form of Alehouses, Taverns and Inns. Although the many of them were not selling food themselves, we drew inspiration from the food and cooking methods that were being enjoyed at that time. Our menu revolves around live and open fire cooking from our English charcoal rotisserie and grill to produce a very simple stripped back menu. It relies on us using the best possible ingredients we can find, looking after them well, and cooking them simply and respectfully. All the charcoal we use is sustainably sourced from the UK, ensuring that we have the best smoky chargrill flavour, as well as supporting British producers and looking after the environment all in one!

A day in the life of a Hippo Chicken

Day 1 – Our Shropshire chickens are brined over night to keep the chicken perfectly juicy.

Day 2 – In the morning the chicken is steamed to lock in the moisture and then marinated with lemon, garlic and herbs for over 24 hours for flavour.

Day 3 – The chicken is now juicy and flavoursome and ready for the spit where we roast it over sustainably sourced English charcoal.

Highbury Poultry supply a fresh chicken produced in Shropshire with full traceability from farm to your door. They are barn reared, red tractor assured birds & have earned a reputation for excellence over the past 50 years.