Not only is Joe one of our all time favourite regulars, he also supplies the amazing sausages here at The George.

Q. What’s your favourite thing about your job?

A. The best thing about my job is the people.  Although I work alone I’m surrounded by some extraordinary people. My suppliers at Smithfield  Market aren’t just business associates they are good friends. I’ve been invited to some of their weddings and their children’s weddings. It’s the same for my customers. Most of the people and businesses I supply meat to have become really good friends over the years.

Q.What’s a typical day for you?

A. My day starts at 3.30 in the morning. I’m usually at Smithfield Market before 4.30 sourcing the day’s orders. I leave there around 5.30 and then the day REALLY starts. I cut and prepare the orders that have come in the previous day (and overnight). I’ll also be making Burgers and my renowned East End Butchers Sausages. Once done, the van is loaded and I’m off on my rounds into Central London. My day usually finishes with my  last delivery at The George around midday. Those regulars just love their sausages!

Q. How long have you been coming to The George?

A. My first memory of The George goes back a long way. 1974 to be exact (even mentioned in my book). I’ve used the pub as a customer on a regular basis since the 1980’s.

Q.Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

A. I’m a butcher but I also write. My book “The East End Butcher Boy” was published 3 years ago and has sold thousands of copies around the world. I try to write everyday (not always possible), but I always put a short story up on my blog at least once a week. My new book will be out next year.

Q. What do you love about it?

A. Pubs are all about people. Get the right people in there and you’ve got a success. One of the great things about The George is how friendly it is. Walk in on your own and within minutes you’ll be chatting away to someone you’ve just met. Soon you’ll be on first  names terms and suddenly you’re a regular. There  is a great atmosphere about the place!

Q. What’s your fondest memory of The George?

A. I’ve had some great times in The George. A few years ago some of the regulars decided to bring back “Beaujolais Day”. We started early with a Beaujolais breakfast and carried on through the day with various French dishes. Everyone had to bring in some French food to accompany the wine. I think we all w