£1000 Scotch Egg hunt for Easter!

We’ve gone all Willy Wonka on you this Easter!…no, not a golden ticket, this time its a PURPLE scotch egg!

One lucky winner will win £1,000 over easter weekend. All you have to do is find the one scotch egg that has been soaked in beetroot and purple when cut into it.

It could be in any of our 9 Hippo watering holes so time for a pub crawl and some major scotch egg feasting this Easter!

Now for the boring bit…T&Cs

  1. There will only be one winner
  2. Scotch egg must be purchased before cutting it open
  3. You must show the purple egg to the team before gobbling it all up, photos will not be accepted
  4. You’ll be awarded with a Hippo cheque on the day, then the £1000 will be paid into your account within 2 weeks
  5. Not applicable to anyone who works at Hippo Inns or EI Group
  6. The lucky winner must be willing to have disclose information and be have their photo taken.