Feel Good Tuesdays with Street Smart

As Stephen Fry, ambassador for Street Smart said “good food, good wine and good company enrich our lives beyond measure. Most of us don’t say Grace these day because we don’t know who to thank for the inestible pleasures of the table. StreetSmart let us do a graceful thing.  A simple thing.  A kind thing.

At Hippo Inns we’ve paired up StreetSmart to raise money for charities which support homeless people in communities local to our pubs.

Black Horse, Kingston

The Amber Foundation helps unemployed young people, whose lives are going nowhere, to gain the motivation, confidence and skills they need to get a job and find accommodation. Amber’s residential centres offer these young people a fresh start, a chance to sort out problems, build self-confidence, gain practical skills and qualifications and generally acquire the know-how for independent living and work. StreetSmart’s grant will be used to help fund the salary of a team leader at their Surrey residential centre.

The Eagle, Ladbroke Grove

240 Project is an Arts and Health Centre in Notting Hill for the vulnerable and excluded, especially those with experience of homelessness. They believe that caring, personal attention and positive activity have a beneficial impact on people’s lives.  Studies have shown that caring and attention can have a physiological effect on the vulnerable and excluded, increasing self esteem and self-acceptance, morale, confidence and pro-sociality.

Duke Of Sussex, Waterloo

The Manna Centre provides both a compassionate and practical resonse to London’s poor and homeless. For some it’s a place where they can dome for their only hot meal of the day. For others it’s a listening ear and welcome respite from another day living on the streets. For others still its a chance to get off the street and into accommodation. The centre is open 7 days a week and welcomes 150-200 people daily. A StreetSmart grant will help fund the cost of a new transit van which is used daily to collect donations of food, clothing and furniture.

Islington Town House, Angel

The Margins Project based at the Union Chapel in Islington, runs an employment focused Margins Café training programme which serves at Union Chapel gigs. Alongside learning catering and hospitality, the programme aims to enhance generic work skills such as teamwork, punctuality, reliability and the ability to work with different people. Trainees range in age and background, but complex histories and situations are common in this group and many would struggle to find placements elsewhere. A StreetSmart grant will be used to help fund the general running costs of the programme.

The Signal, Forest Hill

Brixton Soup Kitchen provides a daily hot and nutritious meal in a warm and safe environment to anyone in need. An array of further help and support is given in areas such as housing, education, benefits and free legal advice. A StreetSmart grant will go towards the general running costs of the project.

The Grafton, Kentish Town

New Horizon run a youth centre in Camden. The project offers counselliing and support, medical care, housiing advice, training and education to young homeless and vulnerable young people between the ages of 16-21. A StreetSmart grant will be put towards funding the weekend Lifeskills service which provides essential numeracy, literacy, ESOL and accredited vocational key skills.

Colton Arms  and  Lillie Langtry

Glass Door is London’s largest winter night shelter, giving up to 100 men and women a safe, warm place to sleep during the coldest nights of the year. Homeless guests also have access to advice, food, a GP, showers and laundry facilities year-round from their Chelsea drop-in. A StreetSmart grant will help fund the general running costs of the project.

 George Pub, Isle of Dogs

Located in Canning Town, Anchor House provides a stable and safe environment to help homeless people in the local area move on to independent living. The training, education and personal rehabilitation services offered at Anchor House are used both by residents and people in the wider community facing unemployment and destitution. A StreetSmart grant will be used to help fund their move-on work with people with complex needs.

Streetsmart fundraises for the homeless by adding to your bill. If you don’t want to contribute or you’d like to give more please say so!