Double Dutch come to Hippo

Double Dutch is a new range of five premium award-winning soft drinks that combine
unusual flavours inspired by molecular gastronomy and the craft of mixology. These
low-calorie and 100% natural drinks are specifically designed to enhance the taste of higher-quality spirits or to thrill the palate when enjoyed on their own.

Raised in the Netherlands, Double Dutch’s twin founders, Joyce and Raissa, have a natural affinity with superlative drinks and excellent blendings. After all, they come from the birthplace of gin! But their love affair turned to frustration. While the world’s choice of spirits has continued to grow, mixers and sodas have remained bland … less of a twin, more of a shadow. Double Dutch is the result of this love affair – uniting great spirits with complementary mixers that enliven and enhance. Richard Branson supported the Double Dutch vision by giving the twins a Foodpreneur award for their innovative Food and Beverage brand. From the world’s best mixologists through to those who prefer their G&T on the sofa at home, the Double Dutch twins have created revolutionary mixers to intensify enjoyment of spirits, or to be drunk solo – Double Dutch is much more than double the taste sensation, it’s a whole new world of soft drinks.