January Inspiration Cooking

Roasted Salmon & Ginger Fish Cakes with Celeriac Rémoulade

For those struggling to find something tasty to cook this year, why not try making this delicious dish? Happy cooking!

Recipe for 3- 4 people yield approx. 12 fish cakes

Ingredients (for the fishcakes):

• Roasted salmon seasoned and flaked x 300g
• Plain mash potato x 200g
• Flat leaf parsley chopped x 15g
• Grated ginger x 20g
• Finely diced shallots x 15g
• Spring onion finely chopped x 15g
• Eggs x 2 whole
• Milk x 100ml
• Packet of Panko bread crumbs x 100g
• Zest of 1 lime

Ingredients (for the celeriac rémoulade):

• Finely grated celeriac x 200g
• Real mayonnaise x 90g
• Lemon x 1
• Wholegrain mustard x 10g
• Season to taste

Method (for the fishcakes):

• Roast the salmon for 15 minutes at 180° in the oven
• Let the salmon cool and then flake it
• Zest the lime
• Grate the ginger
• Chop the herbs
• Peel and boil the potatoes for 35-40 until soft and ready to mash.
• Mash potatoes well and leave to cool
• Once potatoes are cool mix with the remaining ingredients in a bowl
• Season to taste
• Separate in to balls of 35g pieces and mould into desired shape
• Pané your fish cakes in flour, egg wash and then breadcrumbs
• Deep fry in 180° oil until lightly golden brown for approx. 3 minutes
• To oven bake preheat oven to 180° for 18 minutes
• And serve with the celeriac rémoulade
• Recommended 2-3 fish cakes with each serving

Method (for the celeriac rémoulade):

• Trim and finely grate the celeriac with the skin off using a grater
• Place in a large mixing bowl
• Zest the lemon into the bowl
• Add the mustard to the mix
• Add the mayonnaise
• Season to taste
• Mix all your ingredients together
• Serve one tablespoon alongside each fish cake